Best Cheese To Pair With Vodka


maurice amonWhen thinking about cheese pairing, one usually thinks of wines to pair it with. For whatever reason, society doesn’t think about pairing cheese with hard liquor. What many don’t know is that wine isn’t the only alcohol that can be paired with wine. Vodka can serve as an exceptional pairing for cheese as well. Pairing vodka and cheese may seem illogical, but vodka like many other spirits enhances or reduces the flavors of cheeses as well. Big full flavored cheeses will mostly clash with the subtleties in Vodka, so it’s best to stick with soft, mellow, creamy cheeses.

Due to the harsh taste of vodka and the heat that accompanies it when you take a sip, you don’t want to go with a mild cheese like a swiss cheese, mild cheddar, or something similar. You would hardly be able to taste the flavor in the cheese at all. This is a great example of vodka reducing the flavors in cheeses. With vodka it’s best to pair it with cheeses that fill your senses immediately with strong notes and flavors. Scientifically think of high alcohol to high fat content. Think of cheeses that have enough fat to challenge the amount of alcohol found in vodka.

For Vodka it’s best to pair it a creamy mellow goat cheese as one the cheeses that pair well. The high notes in goat cheese are enhanced by the vodka and the vodka does a great job of bringing out the different flavors in the goat cheese. Goat cheese ranges in taste from strong and pungent to delicate and mild. For vodka pairings it’s best to stick with the strong and pungent flavors. Goat cheese usually has a really distinct flavor and being that it’s not excessively salty like some other cheeses, the flavor would pair well with vodka. Goat Cheese is more on the tangy side which gets enhanced by the vodka.