About Maurice

Maurice AmonThe world of cocktails is an exciting one.  Maurice Amon’s passion for spirits started while working at a liquor store while attending Hofstra University.  Pursuing his fascination further, he quickly moved to bartending, where he developed a knack for the art of cocktails.

Cocktails have a vast history, and the story is an evolving one.  Underneath all of the flavor profiles, the alcohol varieties, the chemical interactions, the endless recipes and mixers, it is this history that keeps Maurice interested.  He stays current by reading, practicing, and exchanging ideas with coworkers and customers.  Having worked in all kinds of bars, his favorite places to work have been those with a cocktail-forward concept.

One of the joys of being a bartender who specializes in cocktails is introducing customers to a new drink they will love.  With the recent comeback of certain classic cocktails, added to the wealth of new adventurous cocktails and variations being dreamed up in bars around the world everyday, it is impossible to know them all.  The job is really about understanding each spirit, each building block of a cocktail, and understanding how changes will affect the drink.

And, of course, part of the job is enjoying drinks yourself.  Maurice has a penchant for classic cocktails like Old Fashions, Negronis, and Martinis.  He also enjoys the wild novelty cocktails – you know, with raw eggs, dry ice, and foreign herbs.  It’s a little like being a chemist, without all the danger.  There is a range of cocktails out there, and with a  little time and understanding, Maurice has come to appreciate all kinds.

Maurice’s home bar is proof of his devotion to the art of cocktail.  Sitting at the 10-seat bar, made of reclaimed bowling alley lane wood, you look out a window whose ledge is filled with planters growing all kinds of herbs.  Picked fresh for muddling, Maurice cuts no corners when it comes to making a top shelf cocktail.  He keeps his bar stocked with around 75 bottles, from standards to some of the world’s finest spirits.  He cuts his own ice, keeps an assortment of glasses, and juices his own fruit.  But don’t be threatened – he’ll let you go behind the bar and make drinks if you want 🙂

With this blog, Maurice Amon hopes to share some of his insight about cocktails, and hopefully learn along the way, too.  He will look at the job of being a cocktail bartender, the history and story of specific cocktails, and share experiences he has while hunting for new ideas and methods.